Referee volunteersFIRST LEGO League in South Carolina is ran completely by volunteers. Everyone from the robot game queuers, the judges, tournament directors, and on up to the affiliate partner, volunteer their time to put together an inspiring science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experience for participants. The number of teams we can serve, and ultimately the quality of that service, depends heavily on having a community of volunteers.


“I welcome the  opportunity to encourage everyone I meet to get involved with FIRST as a Volunteer, a Mentor, or by supporting a team. The rewards are simply too immense to summarize in words…”

Nicole Collazo, Senior Software Engineer II
Raytheon System



Anybody can make a great volunteer. Volunteers do not need to be an expert in everything FIRST LEGO League. As you can see from the list of volunteering roles there is something for everyone.

Coaches and mentors make ideal volunteers at events where their teams are not competing, especially in the much needed judging and refereeing roles. An excellent way to grow as a coach or mentor is to see first hand what other FIRST LEGO League teams are doing.



FIRST events are volunteer driven.  Statewide tournaments take at least 30 volunteers! Volunteer commitments vary from just a few hours to a full day.  Browse through our volunteer roles to see what you think is the best fit!

FIRST offers a a detailed description of all volunteer roles. Below we list some of the essential positions for running a successful event.


mary-refereeingReferees get the best view in the house. They’re on the front lines working with team members as they score Robot Game matches. Referees must commit to a training session before the event in addition to individual time spent reviewing the Robot Game rules before the competition. Referees must also commit to the full tournament day, arriving for the morning orientation and remaining through the closing ceremony. Good news is that you get to wear a striped jersey and carry a clipboard — who could ask for anything more?


judgingAn essential part of the FIRST LEGO League competition are the three judging areas: Core Values, Project, and Robot Design. For each area a panel of judges use FIRST written rubrics to assess teams’ ability to satisfy core areas. The judging panel should reflect a cross section of the population and be objective with all judging decisions. Judges are trained through an online system that can easily be completed at home in about an hour.


These volunteers need to wear their sneakers and be ready for a fast pace day. The runners helping teams get to the right place at the right time. This is a great way to get to know the teams and get a complete tournament feel—perfect for a first time volunteer! Runners can choose to work a half day or full day.  High school students, especially members of FIRST Robotics Competition teams, are great for this position.

Information Management

Are you organized? If so, we need you! These volunteers help at the beginning of the tournament to sign teams in, collect participant forms, and explain the schedule and pit area map to teams. During the action the information management crew assists with scorekeeping during the Robot Game and organizing the judging rubrics coming.



Volunteering at a South Carolina FIRST LEGO League event is a rewarding experience. Many of our volunteers come back year after year because they enjoy making a difference in these young kids’ lives.

Becoming a volunteer is a simple three step process:

  1. Find a FIRST LEGO League volunteer role that suits you.
  2. Create a profile at www.firstinspires.org
  3. Complete the FIRST Youth Protection Program screening (if not completed within the last three years)
    • Sign into your FIRST account
    • The Youth Protection Screening status can be accessed under your profile on the top right of the FIRST Dashboard.
  4. Apply to volunteer at a FIRST LEGO League event
    • Sign into your FIRST account
    • Click on Volunteer Role Applications on your individual FIRST Dashboard
    • Search for an FIRST LEGO League event near you
    • Select which volunteering roles you’re interested in filling

For step by step instructions on applying to be a volunteer, please refer to the Volunteer Registration Instructions.

Ideally we would like to know about your commitment to an event at least two weeks prior to the event. Even earlier would be better. It helps prevent grey hairs.

Don’t have time to physically volunteer, your financial support is always welcome.  To donate or sponsor the South Carolina FIRST LEGO League & Robotics Education, Inc please feel free to contact us or visit our partner page and view our sponsorship prospectus.

If you have any questions about volunteering please contact the State Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@scrobotics.org.