EV3 Programming Tutorial Videos

A very industrious FLL team from Northern California, the Fluorescent Flying Penguins (#6626) are making EV3 programming tutorial videos on their YouTube channel ( You can go there now and see their progress. They promise you that this YouTube channel will only have videos about programming Lego Mindstorms and general…

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FIRST TeamUp:  Having trouble getting started, looking for a team to join, or is your team looking to add members too!  Team up is the place for you.  Visit the TEAM UP page at the FIRST website: TEAM UP. FIRST TeamUp is a community-driven system that allows parents, coaches, and…

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If you are missing pieces from your field kit or robot kit please refer to the coaches handbook page X (towards the front) and following the instructions there to replace them. Go to and click on Customer Service at the bottom of the screen.  Enter the set number from…

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