Tournament Checklist

There’s so much to think about heading into a tournament. Do have the Core Values poster? Where’s that robot attachment? Do we need to bring our Challenge mat with us?

We have you covered. On this page is a list of things to bring, and even a few things not to bring with you to the tournament.



Before coming to an event teams are hard at work preparing various items for presentation at the tournament. Over on our Preparing for FIRST LEGO League Tournament Event page we’ve summarized the big items teams should work on during team practices. These include,

All of these items take some time to develop, make, or fill out. Please plan accordingly.

As part of the registration process the team must pay the $125 tournament fee. This fee is separate from the FIRST registration fee and is paid directly to South Carolina FIRST LEGO League & Robotics Education, Inc.  Approximately three weeks ahead of the event tournament directors will contact participating teams with specific event details.



Official Team Roster

Teams must submit at the event registration a team roster that is printed from the team profile page. If teams have handwritten members on their roster they must provide a paper Consent and Release form for each handwritten name. The official team roster ensures that each member has completed the FIRST registration process, including the Consent and Release form.

Team Information Sheet

Each team is required to provide three hardcopies of a Team Information Sheet (pdf, Word). It’s very wise for coaches to ensure that the sheet is filled out completely and has an accurate team photo. Teams turn in one copy of the information sheet at each of the three judging sessions. Judges use these forms to help remind them of specifics related to a team.



During the build season teams are preparing various unique items to present to the judges and to demonstrate during the Robot Game. Below are a list of these items and potentially supporting materials.

Robot Game

  • Robot attachments for completing Challenge missions
  • Tray for holding attachments during the Robot Game matches
  • The power cord and sync cable for the LEGO MINDSTORMS robot
  • Spare robot batteries
  • Laptop with LEGO MINDSTORMS software preinstalled, along with team programs
  • Laptop power cord


  • Three hardcopies of the Team Information Sheets
  • Core Values Poster
  • Props for Project presentation
  • Robot Design Executive Summary

Please be aware that teams are only guaranteed access to electrical power during a judging session. Event venues do not typically supply projectors, screens, or laptops and rarely offer internet connections including WiFi.  Please plan accordingly by contacting your tournament director ahead of time to see what will be available in judging rooms.

Miscellaneous Items

These items aren’t required but they sure do make a FIRST LEGO League event a lot more fun.

  • Tournament swag which is fun, inexpensive gifts to share with other teams (e.g. pins, hats, personalized, team playing cards)
  • Team Scrapbook/Engineering Notebook is a great way to present the journey that is a FIRST LEGO League season. Team scrapbooks typically include print out programs and robot specification page, project history, field trips, notes from professionals that the team interviewed, and plenty of memorable pictures
  • Pit Decorations, such as banners, posters, signage, etc
  • Video Recording Device for the historian to record judging sessions for post-tournament review by the teams
  • Camera for preserving all those precious memories

Make sure all your items are clearly marked for your ownership.



Challenge Sets

Teams should not bring their practice table, or even their Challenge Set and missions. Tournament directors will provide practice tables available for teams to use.


Many of our tournament hosts strike deals with the host venue to reduce the cost. Often these deals involve not allowing outside food at the venue in exchange for the host to have exclusive rights to sell food as part of a fundraising event. For example, a high school may wave a space rental fee in exchange for allowing a student club to run concessions. In these cases we ask that no outside food is brought to the tournament.

This rule does not necessarily apply to every event. If a food policy is not posted please do not assume, instead ask. Please be courteous and follow the rules for your event.