Finding a FIRST LEGO League Team

Quite often were asked by parents to help locate an existing FIRST LEGO League team for their interested daughter or son. As the South Carolina partner for the FIRST LEGO League program, our primary roles include scheduling and running FIRST LEGO League events, along with supporting coaches for a successful season.

Unlike with traditional recreation sports, we do not accept individual participants and assign them to a team. We do not have the necessary resources for putting parents in touch with existing teams looking for new members.

Described below are a few resources designed to assist parents with finding existing teams. As an alternative we also have a separate page that describes starting a team.



FIRST does provide two services for finding a FIRST LEGO League team in your area. The first method is to head over to and check out their Events and Teams in My Area search engine. You can search by FIRST programs within a specified radius from your zip code. While the results are limited, it does not provide contact information, the results do provide a stepping stone to finding out if your child’s school or organization already has a team.