Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question about

If your question is not addressed here please feel free to contact us with your questions.



I have a specific question about the Robot Game. Whom should I contact?

First, make sure to check out the South Carolina Challenge Updates page. If you still have a question related to the Robot Game portion of the competition, feel free to send them to the State Head Referee at

I’m not sure my team’s project satisfies the Challenge requirements. Is there someone I can ask to clarify my concerns?

If your question is not addressed on the South Carolina Challenge Updates page then the State Judge Advisor will be happy to discuss your team’s project ideas. Please feel free to email the Judge Advisor at

How do I invite parents to complete the Consent & Release form for their kids?

On the team profile page their’s an option on the left hand side of the screen labeled, “Manage Team Contacts/Rosters”. On that page is the option to “Invite Parents/Guardians”. Once selected the coach will need to enter the parents’ names and email addresses. Once the coach clicks “Add” an automatic email is sent to the parents.

After the parents have completed the online Consent & Release form and applied to your team, the lead coach must accept the child to the team. Doing so adds the child to the official team roster, which leads to the below question.

How do I obtain an official team roster?

Coaches can print an official team roster through the team profile page. On the left hand side of the “Manage Team Contacts/Roster” screen is an option to print team roster. Teams are required to provide a printed roster at every official FIRST LEGO League event attended by the team.  Step-by-step instructions are available here.

Are we allowed to change the team roster between the qualifying event and the state championship?

Ideally the exact same kids that participated at the regional qualifying event will also represent the advancing team at the state championship. However, personal schedules, sickness, and other unforeseen circumstances may prevent the same team members to participate at the next level. In these circumstances, it is acceptable to have a smaller roster than they one used during the qualifying event.

In situations where teams have identified alternate team members, and those alternates worked with the advancing team all season, it is permissible substitute the alternates to the roster for the state championship.  It should be stressed that the alternates should only step in if the original team member can’t attend the event, not because an alternate may be stronger than a student already on the team.

What is not allowed is add a team member that participated with another team during the season. According to the Participation Rules, “Children may be members of only one (1) FIRST LEGO League team per season.”



When is the FIRST LEGO League season?

Registration for the upcoming FIRST LEGO League opens in early May. Teams have until the end of September to complete the registration process. In late August FIRST announces the details about the current year’s challenge. Teams then have a minimum of eight weeks to prepare for a qualifying tournaments. In South Carolina, our qualifiers are held in November and December. The top 30% of the performing teams at the qualifying events are invited to compete in one of two state championship events held in January. The state champions go on to compete either at the FIRST World Festival in April or at an Open Invitational, typically held in May.

I’m a new coach and I want to register a team. Where do I begin?

We’ve outlined the steps for registering a team on the Starting a FIRST LEGO League Team page. In short, the first step is to create a FIRST profile. Once you have a profile with FIRST, on your personal dashboard is a button for creating a team.

When registering my FIRST LEGO League team, do I register both with FIRST and separately with the South Carolina FIRST LEGO League?

You only register once and that is with FIRST. The $225 registration fee paid to FIRST is to have your team participate in the FIRST LEGO League program. FIRST then shares with regional partners, like the South Carolina FIRST LEGO League & Robotics Education, Inc, what teams are registered in the region. As the regional partner we are tasked with supporting teams during the season and hosting official FIRST LEGO League events.

In South Carolina we do require teams to “apply” for qualifier events. What this really means is that we want to hear from teams their qualifier preferences. Do note that all South Carolina regional qualifiers require a $50 event fee that is paid to the tournament host. If a team advances to a state championship, there is a $75 participation fee for that event.

When does registration open?

Registration for the upcoming season opens in early May. Teams are highly encouraged to start the registration process as soon as they become committed to competing in upcoming season. The registration process can take a few days to complete as it involves two adult coaches completing a background screening as part of the FIRST Youth Protection Program, and then processing the $225 registration fee.

When does registration close?

In South Carolina, registration for the FIRST LEGO League season closes on the last day of September. This is a regional deadline. If you’re competing outside of South Carolina your registration deadline might be different. Check with your region’s affiliate partner for your registration closing date.




My child loves playing with LEGOs. How do I get her/him involved with the FIRST LEGO League?

As the South Carolina affiliate partner for the FIRST LEGO League, our primary roles are supporting teams along with scheduling and running FIRST LEGO League events in the state. Unlike with traditional recreation sports, we do not accept individual participants and assign them to a team. Nor do we  have the necessary resources for putting people in touch with existing teams looking for new members. On the Finding a FLL Team page we share ideas for locating existing teams or for starting your own.

Please also understand, that while LEGO bricks play a prominent role in the program, the FIRST LEGO League is much more than a LEGO club. Team members also spend substantial amount of time doing research and developing soft skills as they interact with their peers and coaches.




I’m interesting in volunteering at a South Carolina FIRST LEGO League event.

Wonderful! Please visit the Volunteering page for information about key roles and how to register to become a volunteer at an event. Also, feel free to reach out to the State Volunteer Coordinator at

I’m interested in volunteering but I’m afraid that I’m not an expert in LEGOs, robots, or engineering. Is there something I can help with?

Anybody can make a great volunteer. Volunteers do not need to be an expert in everything FIRST LEGO League. As you can see from the list of volunteering roles there is something for everyone.